GARBAGE MUS!C presents : Death Metal Disco Scene - 21
They are famous because of their remixes but this song is nice and i wanted to share it with you ;)

edited by much0J



Electronic / New Wave / Electro / Disco

In Flagranti
Brash & Vulgar

Joe Hisaishi

Rockers Revenge
The Streetwise Sessions

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Spanish Fly

Antoni Maiovvi
Electro Muscle Cult

Lobo (4)
Stress Culture / Les Plages De Sommeil

Kids At Work
Sugar Baby

Polygamy Boys
The Minus Man EP

Bangkok Impact
Masters Of The Universe

Patrick Cowley
Tech-No-Logical World

Herbie Hancock
The Very Best Of

John Cale
Satellite Walk Dance Re-Mix