After releasing the first Mouthus LP years back Ecstatic Peace returns to unleash another beast by this always amazing duo. Brian Sullivan (gtr/vox) and Nate Nelson (perc) connect here with a focused, thematic hayride through long tone static and fried mind amp terror. Anyone following the arc and molten flow of Mouthus' last few LPs and CDs (on Our Mouth, Troubleman Unlimited, Olde English Spelling Bee, Music Fellowship, Important, Three Lobed, Weird Forest and the exemplary Saw A Halo on Load) will be surely intrigued by Divisionals as it is Mouthus at their sweetest. -

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Electronic / Rock / Noise / Experimental

Konono Nº1
Split Series #18

Avey Tare
Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished



Terminal Cheesecake
Johnny Town-Mouse

Modey Lemon
Predator EP

The Scissor Girls

This Face

Man Is The Bastard
Sum Of The Men "The Brutality Continues...."

Free Agents

Keiji Haino
Saying I Love You, I Continue To Curse Myself

Aaron Dilloway
Infinite Lucifer