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1. Night Time Is Right Time (feat. Edie Marlena) 0:00-4:07
2. My Girl (feat. Joe Esposito) 4:08-8:00
3. American Dream (feat. Paul Engemann) 8:01-12:10
4. Baby Blue 12:11-16:31
5. From Here To Eternity 16:32-19:57
6. Reach Out (feat. Paul Engemann) 19:58-23:58
7. Shannons Eyes (feat. Paul Engemann) 23:59-28:08
8. The Chase 28:09-32:29
9. Lady Lady (feat Joe Esposito) 32:30-36:22
10. Face To Face (feat. Paul Engemann) 36:23-40:14

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Electronic / Pop / Disco

Martine Clémenceau
Martine Clemenceau

Tequila (3)
Cover Me!!

Tight Fit
Back To The 60´s Part II

Vera Telenius
Miljoona Ruusua

Vicky Larraz
La Radio Al Sol

C4 (9)
Donna Donna


Janis Ian
Fly Too High / Night Rains

Juan Pardo
No Me Hables

Michel Van Dyke
Looking For Lotti

Sinä Olet Hän