Need you near me is a very rare single, only released as a promo in Japan, because Mariska was invited to sing on a special festival. I was lucky to buy this on ebay a few years ago. the rose you see in the clip is called after her, rosa shocking blue



Anny Gould
Copacabana / Ecoute-Moi

Chanson 3000

Raymond Scott
The Unexpected

Groucho Marx
Black Strap Molasses / How D'Ye Do And Shake Hands

Jane Turzy Trio
Pretty Eyed Baby / I Cried Myself To Sleep

Tony Mottola
String Band Strum-Along

Ronny Temmer
Hush... Pas Un Mot A Mary

Kathy Kirby
Secret Love / You Have To Want To Touch Him

Jean Narcy
Allons Les Rouges Et Blancs

Vico Torriani
Du Schwarzer Zigeuner

Al Jolson
My Mammy

Bing Crosby
That Christmas Feeling / Silver Bells