12" "Pousse les bass" vinyl.
Hip Hop / Electro
Written by : Dee Nasty

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Electronic / Hip Hop / Breakbeat / Freestyle / Pop Rap

Tina B
Miracles Explode

Charlie Rock
I Like My Music Loud

Tone Loc
Wild Thing Peaches RMX

Bomfunk MC's
Other Emcee's

Jungle Brothers
Down With The Jbeez / V.I.P. (Alex Gifford Mix)

10 Cents
Buggin' Out

Dr. Rubberfunk
My Life At 45 (Part 1)

The Boyz (2)
Boyz In Da House

Malcolm McLaren
Double Dutch / Jive My Baby

Dimples D
Dimples & Spice

Somethin' About You