From '' L'Intégrale ''
Label: Magic Records -- 3930038, MAM Productions -- MAM 102
Format: CDx2, Compilation
Released: 2000
Country: France

01. Manhunt
02. La Tour De Mare
03. Out Of This World
04. Walking Alone (Tant Pis Pour Moi)
05. Sheiba
06. C'Est Pendant Les Vacances (Pony Express)
07. Le Ciel Est Si Beau Ce Soir (Song For Young Love)
08. Oh, Oui J'En Ai Rêvé (If My Pillow Could Talk)
09. Watusi Stomp
10. Nashville
11. Your Other Love
12. Cripple Creek
13. Players Theme
14. Delicado
15. Si C'Etait Elle (Louie Louie)
16. Out Of Limits
17. Aie L'Amour Et Les Voyages (Have Love Will Travel)
18. Sassy Sue
19. Le Kilomètre A Pied YéYé
20. Rata Twist
01. Le Pénitencier (The House Of The Rising Sun)
02. Nostalgie
03. Drums Song
04. Tu Me Rends Fou (You Got Me Bugged)
05. Personne (Nobody)
06. Tant De Coeurs Brisés (Portland Town)
07. Je Ne Fais Pas D' Histoire (It's Not Unusual)
08. Reste Avec Moi
09. Faut Pas Faire Ca (It just Ain't Right)
10. Lucy
11. Les Indiens
12. On Dit Que Je Suis Fou
13. Que Vos Nuages Ne Tuent Pas Les Hommes
14. Tao Chang
15. Ma Vie Sally ''Boo-goo-loo'' (Mustang Sally)
16. Comment Faire Pour L'Oublier
17. Le Dernier Train De L'Espace (Last Space Train)
18. Happy Guitar


"It's Not Unusual" is a song written by Les Reed and Gordon Mills, first recorded by a then-unknown Tom Jones after having first been offered to Sandie Shaw.
Jones recorded what was intended to be a demo for Shaw, but when she heard it she was so impressed with Jones' delivery that she declined the song and recommended that Jones release it himself.
The record was the second Decca single Jones released, reaching number one in the UK charts in 1965.
It was also the first hit for Jones in the US, peaking at #10 in May of that year.
The single was released in the US on the Parrot label and also reached #3 on Billboard's easy listening chart. Jones used this song as the theme for his late 1960s-early 1970s musical variety series This Is Tom Jones. It has since become Jones' signature song.

The musical arranger was Les Reed.
Although the guitar has been cited as having been provided by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Reed has clarified that the only guitarist was Joe Moretti, who was also known for his playing on Shakin' All Over and Brand New Cadillac.
Jones's group "Tom Jones and the Squires" were missing their regular keyboard player for the session.
Drummer Chris Slade (later to join AC/DC in the 1990s following a stint in The Firm with the aforementioned Jimmy Page) ran across the street to La Giaconda coffee house, in Tin Pan Alley, and a then-unknown teenage keyboard player was recruited for the one-day recording session.
At the end of the session the band asked him his name, to which he replied "Reg". The young keyboard player was thanked and paid, and went on his way. About a year later Reg the keyboard player changed his name to Elton John.

References in popular culture

The song was often featured on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as dancing music for Carlton Banks as he performed his signature "Carlton Dance".

The song was heard in the 1991 Canadian film Highway 61 as well as in the film's trailer.

The song was also included in an episode of The Simpsons entitled "Marge Gets a Job", which Jones guest-starred in.

The song is sung in a 3rd Rock from the Sun episode by Officer Don Orville at a Karaoke bar.

The song is featured on the comedy film Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door.

In Sex and the City, the character Aidan Shaw sang the song in the shower as Carrie Bradshaw discovered an engagement ring in his gym bag.

In the Duck Dodgers episode "Talent Show A Go-Go", both Tom Jones and Duck Dodgers sing the song. First Duck Dodgers sings it with Tom's voice, then later Tom sings it with Dodgers' voice.

It appears in two of director Tim Burton's films, first in Edward Scissorhands and then again in Mars Attacks!, in which Tom Jones has a cameo role.

The song appears in the Terry Gilliam film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The song was also played in one of the episodes of Will & Grace, "The Honeymoon's Over", in the Friends episode "The One in Vegas, Part One", and in an episode of The O.C., "The Links".

This song can be heard in the 1996 movies House Arrest and Flipper.

The song was briefly featured as part of a clue sketch in the Season 4 episode "Medieval Evil" in the PBS game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

The Nostalgia Critic features it in his review of the 1986 film Rad.

The song was featured as a dance in Saints Row: The Third, under the name "Its not Unusual".

Cover versions

The Supremes
Florence Ballard
Little Tony "Non è normale"
Wild Colonials
Five Iron Frenzy
Writer Les Reed and his orchestra
Sam Sorono
The Wedding Present
Pavel Novak "Jeden tyden"
The song has been sang in the Glee episode, "The Purple Piano Project", by Darren Criss' character, Blaine Anderson.


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