The last song in that true masterpiece of a movie, Trouble in Mind (The Return) by Alan Rudolph. Yes, I know it's been called that before. But get hold of a copy and try to find a flaw. It's a diamond of mirroring and reflecting cuts like the one here at 1:08, and arguably features one of the most brilliantly filmed/cut pistol shots (and bar brawl scenes) in movie history.

Thanks to, well, someone else setting this up for me, here's its closing scene to be seen :-) Now hit replay, close your eyes and open your ears. See?

The song, originally written by Kris Kristofferson, who also plays, is sung here by Marianne Faithfull - who does the singing in the movie accompanied by Mark Isham on trumpet who arranged the music.

She does sing "Trouble in Mind", in different versions, too - oh, what am I talking about. Her singing and the music hang over the scenes like the rain clouds from where it never rains 'til the finale. Cars roam empty streets, bullets find their way, and people crowd in shelters and crime in a dream city where everything is wrong and everybody meets their end.

And the spots on the envelope are not of sealing wax.
Go and ye shall see.

Who you see here in this clip are Keith Carradine, Lori Singer, Geneviève Bujold, and Kris Kristofferson, who wrote this song, "The Hawk", and in the movie plays a character named "Hawk", while Faithfull, who sings the song - and that in such a way you're unsure if she's just turned 12 or 52 - plays a lewd singer beginning on "Trouble in Mind" in a cut-off bar scene with him and Lori Singer. Ah.

The lyrics of this song:

Got to make your own rules, child,
Got to break your own chains.
The dreams that possess you
Can blossom and bless you
Or run you insane.

The moment is yours, child,
To lay on the line.
The past just don't matter,
Tomorrow won't mind.

I don't deserve you,
I'm only human.
But I swear that I'll love you
Just as hard as I can.

Storm on the mountain,
Stars in the sky.
Running for glory,
Freedom to fly.

Will you remember,
Way down the road,
Somebody loves you
More than you know?


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