This is the Original and Official Music Video for "Loves Me Not", it was showed in LatinAmerica in the "Telehit" Mexican Channel. Also theres another Version in t.A.T.u.'s Myspace but thats the live performance from the CD/DVD "The Best". The Official Music Video has a different Edit!!

Thanks to for the Video ;-)


Electronic / Rock / Pop / Europop / Pop Rock / Synth-pop

Modesty (3)
Standing Alone

Modesty (3)
Pieces Of Modesty

Level 42
Classic Level 42

Mylène Farmer
Timeless 2013

Carola (3)
The Runaway

Mad For Music

Laban 5

Münchener Freiheit
Freiheit Live!

Towe Jaarnek
More Than A Game

Mylène Farmer
Timeless 2013 Le Film

Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna