This is the main theme from Vangelis' rare soundtrack for Yannis Smaragdis' "El Greco" (2007). I noticed that the first part was not yet available on Youtube. The CD can only be purchased in Greece. However, since recently, the score can now be bought as digital download or listened to on Spotify, at least in Europe. Recommended!

Enjoy this majestic recording, with synchornized shots from this Greek / Spanish film.

This soundtrack is not to be confused with the 1995 box set A Tribute To El Greco (Sold in Athens, Greece) or the 1998 commercial rerelease of that music, titled "El Greco". Vangelis was later asked to compose the music for a movie about this painter, and decided to release the soundtrack locally, to support the movie. The music was composed especially for the movie, and has no overlap with the other releases at all.


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