Tom Coster - From the LP T.C. 1981
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Below is a playlist with some songs from the time when he played together with Carlos Santana.

Composed by Tom Coster
Lyrics by Jeffrey Nead

Vocals - Davey Pattison
Tom Coster - Keyboards, Linn-1 Drum Machine programming
Joaquin Lievano - Guitar
Randy Jackson - Bass
Steve Smith - Drums

String textures programmed by Tim Gorman

Produced by Tom Coster and Phil Kaffel
1981 Fantasy Records, Berkeley, California


Jazz / Rock / Funk / Soul / Pop / Fusion / Jazz-Funk / Funk

Louis Chedid

Kifu Mitsuhashi
Shakuhachi: The Ballads Of The Village = 尺八 里の詩

Shades Of Winter

Stefano Torossi

Tommy Snyder
There Comes A Time

Oz Noy

Seiji Yokoyama
イズァローン伝説 = Isaron

Christian Bruhn
Timm Thaler (Original Filmmusik Aus Der Gleichnamigen TV-Serie)

The 24th. Street Band
The 24th. Street Band

Remo Fernandes
Bombay City!

Yuji Ohno
Proof Of The Wild

Eddie Henderson
Realization / Inside Out. Anthology : Volume 2 :The Capricorn Years