This is taken from the U.S. promo 12" single.

My specs:

Recorded using Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable with internal preamp removed and an AT120E cart. All records are cleaned on a VPI 16.5. I use Adobe Audition 3.0 for recording and processing. Clicks are removed manually with a light filter used sparingly.


Rock / Funk / Soul / Pop Rock

LunchMoney Lewis
Bills EP

Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls House - The Pye Anthology

Michael Bolton
The Essential Michael Bolton

אבי חביב
Avi Haviv

The Ventures
New Testament

Seiji Yokoyama
イズァローン伝説 = Isaron

Century (8)
Hip Hip Hip Hurrah / Seattle Town

Frank Quintero
Despues De La Tormenta

Amandine Bourgeois
Sans Amour Mon Amour

Corey Hart
Spot You In A Coalmine (For Japan Only)

Friend And Lover
Reach Out Of The Darkness