Gary WIlson & The Blind Dates "Linda Wants to Be Alone" at Stones Throw Direct To Disc #2, 5/28/11, with the band recording directly to vinyl without computers, edits, or any digital manipulation.

Limited edition vinyl:

Directed by Alex Pelly; Edited by Adi Putra and Brian Lam. Cameras operated by: Alex Pelly, Ariana Natale, Jon Casey, Kevin Klauber


Rock / Funk / Soul

Git It All / Cohelo

Ned Doheny
Love Like Ours

Lincoln Chase
That's All I Need / The Message

Faragher Bros
Stay The Night

My Life

Suzi Quatro
The Girl From Detroit City

Get On Your Knees / Trying So Hard

Kari Kuuva
Hei Vielä Yksi

Sea Level
On The Edge / No G.D.M.

James Last
Non Stop Dancing '82 - Hits Around The World