00:00 Semena-Worck
06:29 Anten
12:16 Jerusalem
21:13 Salam
26:56 Gomelaleye
34:40 Ambasale
42:02 Hulu-Dane
46:54 Utopia
51:46 Acha
56:51 Marena-Wotetea
01:02:17 Enoralehu

Ethiopian singer Gigi presents Gold & Wax, an organic blend of African songs mixed with elements of Jamaica, India and America.

Featuring a stellar roster, bassist Bill Laswell assembled an eclectic array of musical talent for Gold & Wax. India's great sarangi player/vocalist Ustad Sultan Khan, tabla player/drummer Karsh Kale, funk keyboard maestro Bernie Worrell, African multi-instrumentalists Abesgasu Shiota, Moges Habte, Aiyb Dieng and Assaye Zegeye; digital futurists MIDIval PunditZ and Skizz Fernando, and avant-guitarist Buckethead all contribute to this incredible album.

From the opening strains of "Semena-Wrock," a jazz-inspired, kit drum-led, up-tempo number, Gigi returns to old form. Surrounded by punchy saxophones and Laswell's signature low-end, Gigi's golden voice remains the driving force of the next 66 minutes. Backed by a tasteful landscape of drum 'n bass and resonant guitar echoes, the second track, "Anten" proves much more aligned with her work with Tabla Beat Science. The light textures of "Jerusalem," organ-led dynamics of "Salam," and the only English language song here, "Utopia," call for a spaciousness allowing the listener to invest time and emotion.

"Ethiopia's gift to the world" - The Miami Herald

"Gigi is a joyous adventure in modern African pop." - CMJ

"Gigi... possesses the kind of voice that can force the pleasure centers of the brain to kick out endorphins with only a handful of notes." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

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