Ministry of Sound Uk present a new series documenting 'pivotal moments in dance music history' Tony Humphries legendary sets at Ministry of Sound from his 1993 residency are now documented here.
1. AD'E -- "Change The World" (X Genetics mix)
2. Seven Grand Housing Authority -- "The Question" (Terence Parker's original version)
3. Masters At Work -- "I Can't Get No Sleep" (feat India -- Ken Lou 12′)
4. Yo Yo Honey -- "Groove On" (DJ Pierre dub)
5. The Daou -- "Surrender Yourself" (Ballroom revisited)
6. Lindy Layton -- "We Got The Love" (essential new mix)
7. Clivilles & Cole -- "A Deeper Love"
8. The Aloof -- "Purity" (Heller & Farley mix)
9. Martha Wash -- "Carry On" (Tee's Crazy mix)
10. Freedom Williams -- "Voice Of Freedom"
11. Glenn Underground -- "Future Shock" (Real Space)
12. The Good Men -- "Make Up Your Mind"
13. X Press 2 -- "London Express" (The Journey Continues)
14. Mr Monday -- "Future"

CD 2

Moments In House (Soulful Vers) -- Mixed by Tony Humphries

1. Sagat -- "(Why Is It) Funk Dat"
2. Martha Wash -- "Leave A Light On" (The Basement Boys remix)
3. Key Tronics Ensemble -- "Calypso Of House" (Tony Loreto Edit)
4. Romanthany -- "Falling From Grace" (Tony Humphries mix)
5. The Mozie B Project -- "Free" (feat Latasha Spencer -- Tee's Freeze mix)
6. C & C Music Factory -- "I Found Love" (CUC Club mix)
7. Sublevel -- "Time To Celebrate" (feat Donnell Rush -- original demo mix)
8. DJ Duke pres Aries -- "Moon Over Egypt"
9. Althea McQueen -- "Changes" (JK edit)
10. The Reese Project -- "I Believe" (Kevin's 12′ vocal mix)
11. Kamar -- "I Need You" (Mad vocal)
12. Romanthony with The Trojan Horse -- "Bring U Up" (Alt mix)


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