Message In The Music: The Ashley Beedle Re-Edits. Out 10/02/2014!

Message In The Music: The Ashley Beedle Re-Edits must hold the world record for being the longest-ever time that a compilation has been in development! The project first began way back in November 2009 and has mutated every year since then, until we finally got the album that we wanted to release. Within the previous four years we have had to deal with missing master tapes, companies changing ownership, deals finishing etc, etc, so the track-listing has evolved organically, which was exactly right for this project.

Many of these tunes are appearing on CD for the first time and, as usual, Ashley's superbly eclectic and wide-ranging taste in music has delivered a project which is jam-packed with innovation and experimentation. CD1 takes a trip through some early 1970's cult dance rock classics from Family, Ace, Cado Belle, Ruth Copeland and even the Fall before branching into some seriously rhythmic and percussive rare dance classics from Panama, Brainstorm, New York Port Authority, Los Africanos, the 8th Day, Bill Withers & Cymande. CD2 features some awe-inspiring selections from the Soul/Funk/Rare-Groove arena with Brainstorm, Holland-Dozier, Gene Chandler, Donna McGhee, Three Pieces, Switch, The Gap Band, Kyle Auldist, the Astra Nova Orchestra, Doris Duke and Heaven N' Hell to round off an incredible musical journey. Each and every tune has the usual sure-fire signatures of a top-notch Ashley Beedle re-edit and should easily follow the recent successes of Ashley's 12" releases, Yardism 1 & 2 (DJ magazine's Record of the Week for both releases).

Also included within the package, will a bonus DVD featuring a full Ashley Beedle interview about the making of Message In The Music with a track-by-track analysis with DJ Magazine's Ben Murphy grilling Ashley about his studio work and how he became one of the worlds' foremost Re-Edit experts. Plus we also include a 20 page booklet with sleeve notes by Ben Murphy and exclusive pics of Ashley from a brand new session.

Message In The Music will run another huge-profile PR campaign which take in all key music related publications and all online activity throughout January and February 2014. The album will be promoted to radio from the 9/01/2014 with a sustained 4 week campaign up to the release date and beyond including a large number of Ashley Beedle interviews on key shows. After 4 years in the making, we can't wait to see this album finally reach the public. Make no mistake -- the wait has been worthwhile!

CD 1

1. Burlesque - Family Family
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.33

2. You're All That I Need - Ace Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.13

3. I Name This Ship Survival - Cado Belle Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.13

4. Gimme Shelter - Ruth Copeland HDH
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 9.25

5. Touch Sensitive - The Fall Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 4.19

6. Long Train Runnin' - Panama EMI
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.22

7. Hangin' On - Brainstorm Tabu
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 4.16

8. Rainbow - New York Port Authority HDH
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.09

9. Do It - Los Africanos Acid Jazz
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.45

10. Cheeba - The 8th Day HDH
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.02

11. Railroad Man - Bill Withers Sony
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 10.21

12. For Baby Ooh - Cymande Alaska
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.58

13. Guess I'm Gonna Cry - New York Port Authority HDH
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 3.44

Total Running Time: 79.00


1. Journey To The Light - Brainstorm Tabu
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 7.24

2. Don't Leave Me - Holland-Dozier HDH
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 7.11

3. All About The Paper - Gene Chandler Chi-Sound
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.34

4. I'm A Love Bug - Donna McGhee Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.57

5. I Need You Girl - The Three Pieces Ace/Fantasy
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 8.32

6. Keeping Secrets - Switch Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 4.42

7. Keep Holding On - The Gap Band Minder Music
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.28

8. In A Week, In A Day - Kyle Auldist True Thoughts
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 6.31

9. Soul Sleeper - Astra Nova Orchestra Alaska
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 5.51

10. Woman Of The Ghetto - Doris Duke Sam
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 9.19

11. Whatcha Gonna Do - Heaven N' Hell Philly Groove
Ashley Beedle Re-Edit 9.54

Total Running Time: 77.00


Ashley Beedle interview with Ben Murphy from DJ Magazine


Rock / Funk / Soul / Non-Music / Funk / Soul / Disco / Indie Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Pub Rock / Soft Rock / Interview

Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

Earth, Wind & Fire
All 'N All

Imagination (2)
Shake It

Groove Armada

Pointer Sisters
Break Out

Tommy Snyder
There Comes A Time

Eric Burdon & War
Eric Burdon Declares "War"

The Mercy's
Nikmatilah ....

Ram Jam
Black Betty / Play That Funky Music

Louis Chedid

The Stepkids
Shadows On Behalf

Marfil (3)