A special treat for Record Store Day! We're delighted to release two classic Rock tunes which have never been on 12" ever and now both have the benefit of receiving spanking new Ashley Beedle re-edits, which take both tunes to another level.

Family's "Burlesque", always one of the GREAT Funk/Rock classics, now gets re-booted into a tour-de-force of sonic wizardry with a 5.33 booming Ashley Beedle workout designed to shake the foundations of any room. From the second that Rob Townsend and John Wetton's drum and bass establishes the groove and Charlie Whitney's guitar riff kicks in we know we're in for a masterpiece Funk/Rock opus before Roger Chapman floors everyone with his best razor-gargling wailing ever. A masterpiece!

Appreciated in collector's circles and with Rolling Stones aficionados for decades, Ruth Copeland's incredible version of the Stone's "Gimme Shelter" has been many a DJ's 'secret weapon' for the last two decades. Ashley Beedle has weaved his magic again and produced 9 minute plus marathon workout which features such luminaries as bassist Billy 'Bass' Wilson, guitarist Eddie Hazel and keyboardist Bernie Worrell among many others. Has to be heard to be believed and the best way to do this is on this one-off 12" release!


Rock / Funk / Soul / Funk / Psychedelic Rock

Higher Plane Breeze

DJ Format
Statement Of Intent

Rare Earth
Rare Earth

Rotation (4)

Mira Para Arriba, Mira Para Abajo

Barış Manço
Barış Manço

The Buttons
C'Mon Jesus

Rumba Brava
Baila, Canta Y Rie Con Rumba Brava

Puedes Oirme / Rompamos Todo

David Axelrod
Heavy Axe