mullin's missions:
Looking for soldiers to join the King's Army!
Will be mocked, spat on, made fun of.
Must be able to endure - hunger, thirst, sleep depravation.
Must forsake friend and family to enter battlefield.
No turncoats allowed to live.
Eternal life in this world and next;
Personal audience with the King;
Peace that passes understanding.
Will get to train and fight with the world's most elite fighting squad
Will get to put the world's worst enemies in their rightful place:)
Will be equipped with top-of-the-line weaponry and get to see the secret battle plans that are drawn up for the end of this age and the plans for the next!


Rock / Pop / Folk, World, & Country / Folk Rock / Acoustic / Pop Rock / Blues Rock / Post Rock / Soft Rock / Ballad / Vocal / Jug Band / Neofolk

The Rolling Stones
Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016

Magna Carta
In Concert

Lori Lieberman
Letting Go

The White Buffalo
Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways

Amy Grant
House Of Love

Rita Coolidge
Nice Feelin'

Linda Thompson
One Clear Moment

Down To This

José Feliciano
That The Spirit Needs

Harry Chapin

Luis Miguel