BRITISH LIVERPOOL POP SINGER.LIVERPOOL BANDS SUCH AS THE LOTUS EATERS,CHINA CRISIS AND THE WILD SWANS.SOLD MY DOUBLE COPIES TO MY FRIEND IN FACEBOOK{MARCUS BRIAN BELLO} 'THE LONGEST SONG' I was watching You yesterday You were standin' in the pourin' rain Slowly you began to cross the road You don't live here anymore You took away the war that i endured Don't expect the rules to change I will remain the same Chorus:This song lasts forever Your worst dreams came true One day you woke up and found you belong To the Longest song You won't find me broken down You were too slow coming home this time around I've found someone to take your place And she won't play the game That always ends the game (Repeat Chorus) There's no reason to explain You had better catch an early train And if i hear that you've returned to town Then i will hound you down I will burn you down (Repeat Chorus)


Electronic / Pop / Downtempo / Synth-pop / Ballad

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