Location - Melbourne, Victoria


ATOMIZER 1998-2008:
• Band is formed in July by Jason who starts writing songs for the first demo.
• 'Atomic Metal Power' demo recorded before original line up dissolves. Demo remains largely unreleased due to dissatisfaction with one of the tracks.
• Drummer Suds joins the band.

• The Jason, Suds and Justin line up is secured and the trio play their first live shows in August.
• End All Life Productions, France offer Atomizer a deal for an LP only release.
• Recording of 'The End of Forever' commences in November.

• 'The End Of Forever' LP is released in April, selling out soon after. A CD version followed in July.
• Atomizer tour New Zealand for the first time, playing 12 shows across the country.

• Nihilist Void Records from Norway unleash the 'Gimme Natural Selection' 7"
• Atomizer record 'Death Mutation Disease Annihilation' for Drakkar Productions and End All Life.
• Justin is kicked out of the band in November
• Saundies joins the band the same month.

• 'DMDA' is released on LP by End All Life in April and by Drakkar Productions on CD in September.
• A second NZ tour is undertaken during April.
• A track for a split 7" with Root is recorded
• A track for the 'Barbarian Onslaught' Comp LP is recorded
• The 'Tyrus...' 7" is recorded for Soulseller Records
• 'The Only Weapon Of Choice' album is written.
• Guitarist Jay Young joins the band, making Atomizer a four piece for the first time.

• 'The Only Weapon...' is recorded.
• Saundies is kicked out of the band
• Jay also concludes his chapter
• 'Weapon...' is released on LP by The AJNA Offensive
• The split 7" with Root is also released by AJNA
• 'Tyrus...' is released by Soulseller
• 'Barbaric Onslaught...' is released by Decius Productions
• 'Weapon...' is issued on CD by Animosity International
• 'Weapon...' is released on Pic LP by Agonia Records
• The band sign a deal with Agonia for the 'Weapon...' album

• 'Weapon...' is released on CD by Agonia Records
• 'The Death of Forever' is reissued on CD by Agonia
• Atomizer's European tour is cancelled 3 weeks prior to commencement
• A 2CD version of 'Weapon...' is released by Agonia
• 'Songs Of Slaughter...' is released on double 7" by Hells Headbangers

• Hells Headbangers unleash a diehard Double pic disc 7" EP version of 'Songs Of Slaughter'
• Hells Headbangers also release the MCD version of 'Songs Of Slaughter...'
• Work on the unrealized 'Songs To Swing To' is commenced

• The song writing for 'Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt' is completed.
• Pic Disc LP versions of 'The Death...' and 'Death Mutation...' are made available by Hells Headbangers.
• Some rehearsals are undertaken for the 4th LP.
• Suds departs from the mortal coil

• 'Caustic Music...' is recorded with Sean Cummiskey (Astriaal) on drums

• 'Atomic Bloodlust' is unleashed on 10" MLP by Hells Headbangers
• Caustic Music...' is released by Hells Headbangers on CD, LP and Double CD
• Reissue of 'Death Mutation...' CD with 6 bonus tracks unleashed by Drakkar Productions
• The dream is officially dead...


Rock / Death Metal / Thrash / Black Metal