Album version of the excellent new wave classic song - "Bang Bang" by Iggy Pop. It's from the album "Party" (1981) and also included on the compilation albums based on material from Arista years such as "Collections", "Story Of Iggy Pop", "Masters", "Pop Music", "Pop Songs", "Best Of", "Play it Safe - The Best Of Iggy Pop".

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Rock / Alternative Rock / Punk / Garage Rock

The Visitors (7)
Visitation '79

The Hives
Tick Tick Boom

Action Swingers
Decimation Blvd.

The Blowtops
Menacing Sinstress

Naoki Kasugai
Scum Treatment / Vol.1

The Hives
Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones

Deniz Tek
Take It To The Vertical

Evolution Of Energy

Fresh Flesh
Fresh Flesh

The Muffs
Happy Birthday To Me

Babe Punch

Sheep (12)
Graham Matrix Vs The Entire Galactic Chaos Empire