1- Pure Black Fucking Metal 00:00
2- For I Am Death 02:18
3- Intolerance 07:51
4- There Where We Will Have to Rise Again 13:10
5- Essential Chaos 19:06
6- Satanic Truth 24:11
7- Demoniac 30:19
8- Theatre of Souls 33:20

Primigenium bastards on this album were Smaug & Alhaz.

All music and lyrics by Primigenium except "Demoniac" by the Gods of Fucking War!

Released on 2002 by Drakkar Productions.



Rock / Thrash / Black Metal

Venom (8)
Darkest Hour

Forever Abomination

Testament (2)
First Strike Still Deadly

Nada Mas Importa

Forbidden (3)
Forbidden Evil

Forced Entry
As Above So Below

Black Sabbath
The Bible According To Black Sabbath. Old And New Testaments

Blackest Autumn

Exodus (6)
Fabulous Disaster = ファビュラス・ディザスター

Bomb Disneyland
Nail Mary c/w Evangelist

Doyle (3)

Nuclear Assault
Good Times, Bad Times