Original Theme from the Movie


Electronic / Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Score / Ambient / Theme

Lucio Godoy
The Aura (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ashleigh Harley
The Wall Of Lyon EP

John Carpenter
Halloween (Original Soundtrack)

Paul Haslinger
Halt And Catch Fire (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

1492 – Conquest Of Paradise (Music From The Original Soundtrack)

Howard Shore
A History Of Violence (For Your Consideration)

Simon Wilkinson (5)
Royalty Free Music For Film & Documentary, Volume 8: Deep Space Ambient

Future World Music
Volume 7 - Evolution

Michael Stearns
Sacred Site (Soundtracks And Compositions 1983-1993)

John Carpenter
Assault On Precinct 13 (The Original Motion Picture Score)

Giorgio Moroder
Scarface - Original Motion Picture Score

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