Track 1.

Split EP w/ Eluvium (2007):

This split EP only features Justin and no other musicians (a la Heart Ache). All music created 2001-2006. 4,000 copies of this EP will be released, 2,000 on each label. Released on white, yellow, black and clear/amber vinyl.

I just can't be it
Leave me behind
I don't want to go with you
unless they go
but they won't
they're far too inwards to
and curse them
the Situations out of hand
but they know
there's no answer
I can't do what they all want you to do.

So now
we'll lose
everything we start to keep
for our lives
their hands
I don't see how they will change
for you
And your goodwill
they take what they can
for themselves
on its belief
and bid them a last farewell and
we'll show them

and we show them (x4)


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