Boy Sets Fire - Last Years Nest [Official Music Video]


Discontent in, this life as is,
our mechanisms deviate,
Rust debrided, inspires change,
and leaves behind exhausted dreams

- ignition engaged -

So save your wishes for the sky,
diluted and disguised,
as a perfect fuel that won't ignite,
but hope will heal us all .

Set to action our forward thought,
To allocate and stabilize,
The truth for so long, can only hide,
In shadows of our own design

- amend and revise -



A wish will leave you empty handed (hope will provide)
Shun your responsibilities (and lead an empty life)
A dream alone will bear no seed (hope is alive)
And wishes, will leave you, will leave you,
dead and buried, Lost and forgotten,
With your lives, With your lives





Rock / Alternative Rock / Post-Hardcore