Taken from Paul Anka's album ''70s'.
Lyrics :
She looks into her face, good times left no trace,
She touches up her lips, with painted finger-tips,
Softens up her skin, she does it all for him.
And she knows just what to wear, how to fix her hair,
But it’s not like the first, she’s long since been rehearsed,
That door bell will ring, she knows what the man will bring.

Midnight mistress
Our guest he's in heaven but she’s just can’t wait,
Midnight mistress
There’s a whole night long that cannot escape,
Midnight Mistress
You’re a woman everybody loves but Julia just can’t wait.

She starts to pour the wine, it’s just about that time,
She turns the lights down low, gets undone with snow,
Though he’ll never guess, she feels love less and less.
But she closes both her eyes, listens to his lies,
She’s heard them all before, and yet comes back for more,
She treats him like a king, but she won’t get no wedding ring.

Midnight Mistress
To you every face and the lies are the same,
Midnight Mistress
Just a one-night-stand with no last name,
Midnight Mistress
The love is gone but the heartaches must remain.

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