Throbbing noise, beats, high frequency synths and an unstoppable rumbling attitude. Brilliant structures, huge and complex percussion are fused with 80s computer game bleeps and breakbeat drum tracks and the results are pure genius. Tarmvred is the musical brainchild of Sweden's Jonas Johansson. Mixing together elements of metallic drum'n'bass, industrial powernoise, laptop glitch, distorted techno and more, Tarmvred is rapidly moving to the forefront of Europe's dark electronic music scene.
While describing his creations, reviewers have made comparisons to such artists as Speedy J, Winterkälte and Panacea, the latter of which has particpated along with Tarmvred and Needle Sharing on the three-way split CD "Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred" released on Germany's Ad Noiseam label.