Psychic TV

Formed: 1981 in Hackney, London, United Kingdom by Genesis P-Orridge and [a=Peter Christopherson] (after [a=Throbbing Gristle] ceased to exist) with [a=Alex Fergusson]. Soon, PTV became a post industrial supergroup, expanding the core line-up with the talents of frequent collaborators [a=Monte Cazazza], [a=David Tibet], and [a=John Balance], which led to the classic 1983 album [m17374]. After Peter and John's departure in late 1984 to concentrate on their [a=Coil] project, Psychic TV's style evolved more in the direction of psychedelic or acid rock, then called "hyperdelic" rock by the band, a style they would return to in later years. In 1988, [a=Alex Fergusson] departed, and a move back to more electronic based music took place, featuring the talents of [a=Fred Giannelli], [a=Greedy Beat Syndicate], and [a=Richard Schiessl]. PTV were found at the forefront of acid house with the fake compilations "[m17878]", "[m76308]", and various releases featuring rotating line-ups under different monikers ([a=Mistress Mix], [a=Sickmob], & [a=DJ Doktor Megatrip]).

Well documented constant touring and recording took its toll. A relocation to the USA in 1993, the closure of the band's independent label [l=Temple Records] in 1994, and perhaps most prominently the separation from [a=Paula P-Orridge] left Genesis P. Orridge to be the only permanent member of Psychic TV. The name "Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge" was used for a number of Psychic TV re-releases and experimental projects by Genesis P-Orridge and [a=Larry Thrasher], before Genesis formed [a=Thee Majesty] with [a=Bryin Dall]. A final concert was announced and held at the Royal Festival Hall, London in May 1999.

In 2003, Genesis P. Orridge (now Breyer P. Orridge) toured with a new line up as PTV3, musically leaning towards the "hyperdelic" phase. Silently, he restarted the once dismissed TOPY and re-activated the dormant Temple Records for a batch of new and old releases.