Pankow are the pioneers of Italian EBM/industrial.
They formed in Florence in 1979 and started experimenting with electronic machines from 1981.
The second singer, [a=Alex Spalck], has been the composer of all the lyrics from their first release, the EP on cassette [r=1508380] (1983), followed by the legendary first EP [r=154318] on [l=KinderGarten Records] (1984) until 2007.

The first LP came in 1987 on [l=Contempo Records], and was produced by [a=Adrian Sherwood].
Pankow were the first Italian electronic band to gain wide success in Europe and the USA, they did a tour of 30 dates in the States at the beginning of the 90s'. In 1993 the band split up, Spalck went to live in Australia.
In 1996 fm released with Gianluca Becuzzi of [a=Limbo] the album named [r=183163] .
Pankow returned 2003 with Alex Spalck back as the front man and 2 new CDs [r=260030] out on [l=Minus Habens] and [r=976705] out on [l=Wheesht].

The band is currently active and based in France/Belgium with the frontman singer [a=Bram Declercq], the head of the band [a=Maurizio Fasolo], Enzo Regi, [a=Paolo Favati] and [a=Alessandro Gimignani].