Blitz (3)

Blitz were founded in 1980 in New Mills, Derbyshire, England. They were [l=No Future Records]' first signing. Their early releases, the [m=265275] (1981) and the [m=184298] LP (1982), are widely recognized classics of Oi!/street punk. With their second album, 1983's [m=53071], the band moved into new wave/post-punk territory. The album was a commercial failure and the band split up shortly thereafter. Guitarist [a613266] resurrected the Blitz name with the 1990 album [m=53076] and 1992's [m=661907]. On these recordings, Miller played all instruments and [a752439] of [a263681] provided the vocals. Miller later toured under the Blitz name with new members, before dying after being struck by a car in 2007.