The Beloved

The Beloved is a British electronica band founded by core member: Jon Marsh.

The band initially formed as The Journey Through in 1983 by Jon Marsh & Steve Waddington, who soon recruited Tim Havard on bass.
Renamed The Beloved in 1984 as Guy Gausden joined on drums, the band began to play live. After 2 Peel Sessions in 1985 and 4 single releases in 86/7 they reemerged in early 88 reverting back to the original duo of Marsh & Waddington.
Now on a major label record releases recommenced with the barely-noticed "Loving Feeling", followed by "Your Love Takes Me Higher", a significant club hit, then "The Sun Rising", their breakthrough record, reaching #26 in the UK Charts in autumn 1989.
After releasing "Happiness" and its sister remix album "Blissed Out" in 1990, Waddington left the band the following year.
The Beloved returned in 1993 as a duo of Jon & his wife Helena with the single "Sweet Harmony", a major hit in the UK and across Europe. The album "Conscience" followed and 2 more singles. Followed in 1996 by the album "X" with the top 20 hit "Satellite".

Having neither split nor ceased the band is now dormant.

Line ups:
1984 -1987:
Jon Marsh - Steve Waddington - Tim Havard - Guy Gausden
1987 - 1990:
Jon Marsh - Steve Waddington
1992 - 1996 :
Jon Marsh - Helena Marsh
1997 - ... :
Jon Marsh