Edge Of Sanity

Former progressive death metal band from Finspång, Sweden. Originally active between 1989-1999. A brief reunion occurred in 2003, and their last album was released that same year.

Edge of Sanity was formed in 1989 by Dan Swanö (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Andreas "Dread" Axelsson (guitar), Sami Nerberg (guitar), Anders Lindberg (bass) and Benny Larsson (drums). Same year they recorded the demo "Euthanasia" and another one, "Kur-Nu-Gi-A", which followed a year later. In 1991 they released the debut album "Nothing but Death Remains" and quickly became one of Sweden's best death metal bands. It was followed by "Unorthodox" in 1992.

In 1993 "The Spectral Sorrows" was released. Lindberg was away because of military duty so "Dread" took care over the bass on the album. In 1994 the album "Purgatory Afterglow" and the EP "Until Eternity Ends" were released. "Crimson" was released in 1996 and it featured Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth and the album contained progressive references. 1997's "Infernal", however, returned to the death metal roots. Shortly after the band went on their first tour since 1991, but unfortunately Dan Swanö left the band. He was replaced by Robert Karlsson. "Cryptic" was released same year. In 1999, the compilation "Evolution" was released and shortly after the band broke up.

In 2003, Dan Swanö resurrected Edge of Sanity and recorded "Crimson II", with the help from guitarists Mike Wead and Simon Johansson. Roger Johansson provided lead growls, Jonas Granvik took care of the backing growls. Dan Swanö himself, did some growls, took care of the clean vocals, keyboards, drums and lead-guitar.