Sheps Banjo Boys

Shep's Banjo Boys was a British musical act, which appeared each week on The Comedians, a British television show of the 1970s (later reprised in the mid-1980s and early 1990s). They were a 7-piece band comprising (for the first five series) Charlie Bentley (tenor banjo), Andy Holdorf (trombone), John Drury (sousaphone), John Orchard (piano), John Rollings (drums), Graham Shepherd (banjo) and [url=]Howard Shepherd[/url] (lead banjo). In 1973, the line up was [a4380717] (lead banjo), Graham Shepherd and Mike Dexter (banjos), Tony Pritchard (trombone), Tony "Tosh" Kennedy (sousaphone) and Ged Martin (drums).
During the 1980s Shep's regularly entertained Queen Elizabeth II passengers playing background reception music, welcome aboard acoustic music in addition to their cabaret spot.

More recently they have been touring the UK with comedian [a2178017] and Neil Hurst in 'The Good Old Days of Music Hall and Variety'