Michelle Goulet

Michelle is another of those mystery '80s pop ladies that released one album on a major label, in this case Island Records, had a couple dance hits and then seemingly disappeared. The little I can find on her reveals that she was a session singer (she is credited as singing backing vocals on "Was (Not Was)" 1981 self titled Island Records album) until she was discovered and signed by the head of Island, Chris Blackwell. Her first single was "Stop & Think", but it was also released by another act, Fire On Blonde, the same year. The two similar versions sort of cancelled each other out on the charts, though they both were played in dance clubs, and both acts lost any momentum they may have had.

Michelle released a second single, the ballad "I'm In Love", which highlighted her very powerful pipes and Mariah-esque high notes (practically squeals!), years before Mariah appeared. After this, she released one more single in 1988, the new track "Over And Over And Over", which was produced by freestyle and hi-NRG master Ish (the man behind acts like Company B and Shana).

Even though the song was a substantial dance hit, the label apparently dropped her. Island Records USA would later licence "Over & Over" to Saturday Records UK, where the track was given a 12'' Release with a Balaeric Beat Remix, a style of dance music popular with British partygoers in Ibiza Spain.