John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

Group named after the successful 1966 'Blues Breakers' album by [a=John Mayall] with [a=Eric Clapton].

The Bluesbreakers' line-ups, along with the interpolating members of [a=Blues Incorporated], had a profound influence on the early British 'Electric Blues' scene, eventually spilling into the mainstream of progressive fusions and popular 'Rock'.

Earlier members joined/formed some iconic groups, or gained successful solo careers. Like [a=Eric Clapton] and [a=Jack Bruce], later members of [a=Cream (2)].
[a=Peter Green (2)], [a=John McVie] and [a=Mick Fleetwood], who formed Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - which later evolved without Green into [a=Fleetwood Mac]. [a=Mick Taylor] later member of [a=Rolling Stones]. [a=Colosseum], [a=Free], [a=Don "Sugarcane" Harris], [a=Harvey Mandel], [a=Larry Taylor], [a=Aynsley Dunbar], [a=Johnny Almond], [a=Jon Mark]... the list could scroll until next week