Los 4 Crickets

Ricardo Murguía (guitar),
Jorge Murguía (drums)
Gonzalo Rosado (bass)
Javier Corral (guitar)

(Note: This is based on transliteration of a Spanish language blog entry; very little English* language information is available.)

In 1964 brothers Jorge and Ricardo Murguía formed a band to play family events and house parties. They were later joined by two members who had been active in other bands.
Signed to CBS from 1965 to 1968, but did not record a full-length LP during that time.

In 1967 they traveled to Colombia, where they had a three month residency during the opening of the "La Bomba" discotheque, after which they returned to Mexico.

Los 4 Crickets played as a house band at the Holiday Inn (Acapulco) from 1971 to 1973.

* A 1967 Billboard magazine interview with a Mexico-based record executive placed the band among a crop of then-contemporary artists which he referred to as a "new wave" or artists.