Shalom Hanoch

Shalom Hanoch (born 1 September 1946 in Kibbutz Mishmarot) is probably Israel's most influential and one of the country's most successful rock stars. During his military service he was a member of The Nahal Troupe. Shortly after his discharge he began collaborating with [a=Arik Einstein], writing music for the Hagar EP, which was released in 1967. His collaborations with Einstein over the next three years included two albums, a feature film (Shablool) and a TV variety series (Lool). During this time he was also a member of the successful pop trio [a=Shlosharim]. Hanoch relocated to the UK hoping to launch an international career but his debut solo album, Shalom, was not well received. He returned to Israel in 1973, forming a five piece rock band, [a=Tamouz].

Hanoch successfully launched a Hebrew solo career in 1977 with the album Adam Betoch Atzmo (A Man Within Himself). His album Mehakim LeMashiach (Waiting for Messiah), released in 1984, is his most successful. He continued to release a string of successful solo albums through the 1990s and renewed his partnership with Arik Einstein on Muskat (1999). Hanoch has remained active in the 2000s and 2010s, releasing both solo albums and collaborations including an album with [a=Monica Sex] and a live double album/DVD with [a=Shlomo Artzi]. His quadruple album "Four Stations" (2011), recorded during a concert tour, features guest appearances by some of Israel's biggest stars.