Sluta Leta

Sluta Leta was formed by Bengt Liljstad and Jonas Bergkvist in the small town of Umeå in northern Sweden in 1994, with the name (which is Swedish for "Stop Searching") taken from the scooter rental shop that they ran during the summer months on the Greek island of Corfu. It was in Corfu that had a chance meeting with the people behind the Mego label, and common interests and a lasting friendship was fused, which led to their debut 12" release for Mego in November 1995, followed by releases on Cheap Records, Chocolate Industries and Uptight.

The band then went on hiatus for a few years, during which there were several line-up changes. Over that time, all of the original members - Bengt Liljstad, Jonas Bergkvist and later Yngwie Moskowich & Anders Rydberg - left the band and were replaced by the current line-up of Andi Pieper, Ramon Bauer & Gerhard Potuznik.