Der Plan

Der Plan was founded in 1979 by [a=Frank Fenstermacher], [a=Moritz R], [a=Robert Görl] & [a=Chrislo Haas]. Görl and Haas left after the first release, and were replaced by [a=Kurt Dahlke]. This trio remained constant until the group disbanded in 1993.
In 2004, [a=Moritz R] reformed the band with new members [a=Achim Treu] & [a=J.J. Jones].
For the 50th birthday parties of [a=Andreas Dorau] in Hamburg and Berlin in January 2014 Der Plan was reformed again for two short sets by [a=Frank Fenstermacher], [a=Moritz R] and [a=Kurt Dahlke].
In May 2017 a new single "Lass die Katze stehn" had been released and in June the album "Unkapitulierbar" came to light.