Papa Bue's Viking Jazz Band

Danish dixieland revival jazz band, founded in 1956 by trombone player Arne "[a=Papa Bue]" Jensen. Reportedly the band name was adopted from a review by then young journalist [a=Shel Silverstein]. Had it's prime in the late 50's, early 60's dixieland revival. In 1960 their "Schlafe Mein Prinzchen" sold over one million copies. Remained active until the mid 90's, backing touring international artists visiting Denmark such as [a=George Lewis] (1959), [a=Champion Jack Dupree] (1962), [a=Art Hodes] (1970) and [a=Wild Bill Davison] on record and in concert [a=Earl Hines], [a=Stuff Smith] and [a=Ben Webster]. Nationally they recorded with singers [a=Gustav Winckler] and [a=Bjarne Liller] a.m.o.