Michael Chapman (2)

English singer-songwriter and guitarist (born: January 24, 1941, Leeds, Yorkshire, England).

He first appeared on the London and Cornwall folk music circuits in 1967, alongside [a=John Martyn] and [a=Roy Harper]. He recorded his debut album in 1969 and three subsequent albums on the [l=Harvest] label. After the release of Wrecked Again, Chapman parted with [l=Harvest], choosing to sign to [l=Decca]’s subsidiary [l=Deram], where he began adding electric guitar and harder rhythms to his work. Several albums were released on [l=Deram] during the early to mid 1970’s including one produced by Memphis legend [a=Don Nix].

The 1980s was a quieter, less active time for Chapman. He continued to record for numerous smaller record labels, and played on the folk and club circuits. The late 1990’s onwards represented a period of continued rebirth for Chapman. He enjoyed critical acclaim for his albums and attracted the praise of performers like [a=Thurston Moore] and [a=Supergrass]. The 2000s have seen Chapman exploring his guitar player roots and releasing instrumental albums alongside his song based sets. He recently toured the United States in 2011.