Jah Wobble

English bass guitarist, singer, poet and composer, born August 11, 1958 in Stepney, London.
Wobble eventually got his start with [a=John Lydon]'s post-[a=Sex Pistols] group [a=Public Image Limited] (PiL). He left PiL in 1980 and has since collaborated with a wide variety of musicians.
His explorations into World music predated much of the genre's popularity. His music has spanned a number of genres, including ambient music and dance music, and in 2003, reworkings of traditional English folk songs. Some of his best known work is published with [a37723].
Though he has released recordings since the early 1980s, Wobble has been quite prolific from the mid-1990s to the present. He ran his own label, 30 Hertz Records, and tours regularly throughout England and Europe.
His daughter is actress Hayley Angel Wardle and he is married to the renowned harpist [a=Zi Lan Liao].