Magic Man (3)

Magic Man are a duo from Boston who make melodic, dance-influenced indie rock. Formed in 2010, Magic Man began as a laptop-based duo showcasing Alex Caplow (vocals) and Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keyboard). This early version of the band released one album, 2010's Real Life Color. Eventually, the group grew into a full-fledged rock band with the addition of Justine Bowe (keyboards), Daniel Radin (bass), and Joey Sulkowski (drums) in 2013 and they released the You Are Here EP in September 2013. In early 2014, Daniel left the band and was replaced by Gabe Goodman and later that year their album titled Before The Waves was released. In July 2015, the band announced that Justine, Joey and Gabe would be leaving Magic Man, and that the band would return to its original lineup of Alex and Sam.