Ghulam Ali

Ustad Ghulam Ali (Urdu: غلام علی, Hindi: ग़ुलाम अली), born 1940, is a Pakistani ghazal singer of the Patiala gharana. He is not to be confused with the Indian singer [a1174967], whose disciple he was, or Chhote Ghulam Ali, who is another Pakistani singer in the Qual Bachon gharana.
Ghulam Ali is considered as one of the best ghazal singers of his era. His style and variations in singing ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blended Hindustani classical music with ghazals, unlike any other ghazal singer. Highly popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, as well as amongst South Asian Diaspora in the USA, the UK and the Middle Eastern countries. Many of his ghazals have been used in Bollywood movies.