Jazz At The Philharmonic

Jazz At The Philharmonic is a trademark used by jazz entrepreneur and label owner [a=Norman Granz].

The name Jazz at the Philharmonic can be used in the database for several purposes:

When used as a banner for the ever-changing jam session groups in his touring events or on records, Jazz At The Philharmonic can be used as main artist. But only when Jazz At The Philharmonic is billed on the release in the main artist's place - and when no other obvious main artist is billed on the release or promoted on cover and labels.

Norman Granz's Jazz at the Philharmonic releases do not follow a usual industry pattern for naming and crediting and do not always fit perfectly within Discogs' definitions and categories. The following guideline has been discussed and accepted as the best way to enter JatP releases:

All JatP releases with the name and/or logo on them should be listed under the [l=Norman Granz Presents Jazz At The Philharmonic] series, even when Jazz At The Philharmonic is used as main artist. The shorter Jazz At The Philharmonic or any other variation of JatP ahould never be listed as a label, but instead as a series, with the relevant label in brackets afterward if necessary - such as [l=Norman Granz Presents Jazz At The Philharmonic (Verve)].

Company: In the 50's with the Inc. extension, the entity was also a company; [l=Jazz At The Philharmonic, Inc.]