Die Bambis

Austro/German Schlager Beat Group.

Die Bambis was founded in 1959 when the two Bavarians [a1481643] and [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/1336417-Konrad-Fuchsberger]Conny Fuchsberger[/url] and two Viennese musicians [a1446950] and [a1842892] started to play together.
They started in small bars, gaining more and more fans due to Vocalist [a1481643]'s unique singing style. His Italian sounding voice always evokes a feeling of desire and melancholy. In 1964 the Austrian Broadcasting [l=ORF] played a demo version of the song "[url=https://www.discogs.com/Die-Bambis-Melancholie-Mini-Kini-Baby/release/12461006]Melancholie Im September[/url]" who climbed on top of the charts, taking it directly from "[m34153]". This song got really succesfull worldwide and got translated in 82 languages. There is also a chinese Version of this song. In 1965 they had another hit with "[url=https://www.discogs.com/Die-Bambis-Nur-Ein-Bild-Von-Dir-Jyok-A-Mot-A-Hucke-Packe-Ju-Ju-Hand/release/2023370]Nur Ein Bild Von Dir[/url]". They disbanded 1967 and [a1481643] continued to use the name of the band with a different line-up as [a1646456]. They played shows till 1990. Mandy Oswald still sings from time to time and got honored by the City of Vienna for his over 7000 live performances.