Jim O'Rourke

Jim O'Rourke (January 18, 1969, Chicago, Illinois) is a Tokyo-based American performer, composer and record producer.

O'Rourke collaborated with a long list of musicians including [a=Illusion Of Safety], [a=Christoph Heemann], [a=David Grubbs], [a=Loren Connors], [a=Wilco], [a=Henry Kaiser], [a=K.K. Null], [a=Günter Müller], [a=Voice Crack], [a=Evan Parker], [a=Phill Niblock], [a=Mats Gustafsson], [a=Tony Conrad], [a=Faust], [a=Space Streakings], [a=Loose Fur], [a=Sonic Youth], [a=Fennesz], [a=Diskaholics Anonymous Trio], [a=Carlos Giffoni], [a=Keiji Haino], [a=Masami Akita], [a=Masaya Nakahara], [a=Takehisa Kosugi], [a=FIRE!], [a=Akira Sakata], [a=Oren Ambarchi] (among others...)

O'Rourke scored several films and ran [l=Moikai] & [l=Dexter's Cigar] labels.