Claus Bachor

DJ (since 1976), producer and promoter, born 1959 in Muenster i.W., based in Cologne/Germany and strictly devoted to electronic music.
Founder of the label [l=Psycho Thrill].

PSYCHO THRILL Cologne - founder CLAUS BACHOR is one of the German long-term House/Techno DJs and music-journos at all, however not standing still yet: The Psycho Thrill club (October 1991) and vinyl (September 1998) label run by him has just turned to a total age of 28 and Bachor is still doing bookings all over Europe, the United States and beyond.

His long-term affiliations with Detroit techno music and also his journalistic involvement with the topic of Detroit Techno/ Electro/ Chicago-House as an author/editor over the years has made him a world renowned expert. This experience and vast knowledge of the techno genre has led him to appearing in many documentaries, the most noteable being 'High Tech Soul' [ ] which focused on the creation of Detroit techno music. Other film credits include being involved in the highly acclaimed 'We Call it Techno' [ // ] documentary which focused on Germany's early techno scene and club culture.

Without using the usual hype for trends, he has managed to gain a position as multi-communicator in the German Techno and House scene, in which he is always convincing as a DJ.