Alberto Baldan Bembo

He was an italian musician and movie's soundtrack composer (died November 5th, 2017). He was the older brother of [a=Dario Baldan Bembo] with whom he played in various clubs of Milan in the 2nd half of the Sixties. After the early works with the [l=Clan Celentano], realized the music of the movie [i]Io e Mara[/i] in 1969. Then, in 1971 became keyboardist in [i]Il Dio Serpente[/i] for the music soundtrack by [a=Augusto Martelli]. The same year he cooperated with [a=Lucio Battisti] for [i]Amore Non Amore[/i]. In 1974 he created [i]The Soul Of "Alì" Ben Djamballa[/i]. He works especially with [a=Mia Martini] ([i]Donna Sola, Piccolo Uomo, Minuetto[/i]). His debuted as a singer with [i]Aria[/i] selling 25 million copies across Europe (1975).