Kid Ory

American jazz trombonist and band leader. Acclaimed as the greatest trombone player in the early years of Jazz.
From 1912 to 1919 Ory led one of the most popular bands in New Orleans which featured many of the great musicians who would go on to define the Hot Jazz style. At various times [a=King Oliver], a young [a=Louis Armstrong], [a=Johnny Dodds], [a=Sidney Bechet] & [a=Jimmie Noone] all played in Orys' band. Relocating to California for health reasons in 1919, he assembled a new group of New Orleans musicians on the West Coast and played regularly under the name of Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra. In 1922 they became the first African-American jazz band from New Orleans to record, recording under the name of [a=Spike's Seven Pods Of Pepper Orchestra]. Moving to Chicago in 1925 he played again with [a=King Oliver], [a=Louis Armstrong] and with [a=Jelly Roll Morton], among others. The Depression years saw Ory playing very little and operating a chicken ranch with his brother. Ory revived Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra in 1943 and played, toured & recorded Jazz until he retired in 1966.

b. December 25, 1886 (LaPlace, LA, USA)
d. January 23, 1973 (Honolulu, HI, USA)