Pinetop Seven

Pinetop Seven formed in 1996 as a loose collective of Chicago musicians interested in re-working the notion of popular American music, co-opting elements from diverse musical traditions (Tango, Mariachi, Funeral Dirges, 20th Century Classical, Eastern European, Asian Gamelan) and blending them with American Folk and Country-Blues. Over the group's 8 year / 5 album history their lineup never remained constant for long; twenty-three men and women have contributed to the records or participated as touring members. Despite the ever-changing cast, the vision remained constant, anchored by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer [b]Darren Richard[/b], who also started [b]Self-Help Records[/b] to further advance the interests of his band and personal music projects. He later began [b]Barbary Coast Recordings[/b].